Hushed Affairs

A Forbidden Romance Anthology

Taste the forbidden fruit in the ‘Forbidden Love anthology – Hushed Affairs.’

The heart is the heart – it knows no boundaries.

The heart wants what the heart wants.

Sit back and take in the tantalizing and amorously delicious stories of forbidden love.

Featuring Rhodes to Desire by Tina Maurine

Danica Mills lives a life of luxury many women would envy; a successful, gorgeous fiancé, a generous allowance to spend on looking good, an expensive home, and anything she could want.

But it comes at a cost, at a sacrifice, for she is not free, and, behind closed doors, her attentive fiancé hides a dark need that isn’t easily sated. It tears at her soul and she hardly recognizes herself and who it has made her become.

When the cost finally becomes too much to bear, Danica Mills uses a family wedding to escape overseas to France, a place filled with bittersweet memories, broken hearts and long ago romance.

Then fate sees her running into an old flame, one that she has never forgotten, someone she had once thought was her true love.

And the sparks that instantly fly between them agree.

But fate can be cruel mistress…



So much fun to dive into an anthology with so many different and wonderful writing styles. M.E. Giguere, Tanya Deloatch, S.L. Heinz, Kris Lomonaco, Tina Maurine, and Elisabeth Popolow outdid themselves this time! Such passion such love and wonderful sex! I have to give M.E. Giguere a shout out for her story This is my Confession! Tatum Shea's character was rich in many ways through her struggle between faith and love as Father Channing enters her life again. The passion and intensity within this story is worth it alone! Five stars! Must read! M.E. Giguere, well done again! Will these women never stop producing amazing works of art? I hope NOT! As to all the readers out there you will definitely find a story for you within Hushed Affairs.




A great set of stories in this!

My favourite was Rhodes to Desire by Tina Maurine, it was just sad/beautiful/sexy and tempting all wrapped into one amazing story.

I did need to go back to beginning and read my French translations (so worth it) but I did love the mixed language, I thought it added a little extra to the story.

I very much want to see if this goes on to be another story, one where we can explore these characters a little deeper.


Goodreads Reviewer

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