For the Love of Politics:

A Political Romance Anthology

For the love of a man.
For the love of a woman.
For the love of politics.

Passion and intimacy span the country and the globe. Intrigue and heartbreak span time and space. Lose yourself in the journey as the writers transport you, sexually and emotionally, to exotic worlds and familiar locales.

The heroes and heroines will capture your heart and spark your imagination. Nine amazing authors come together to write nine unforgettable stories in the political romance anthology: For the Love of Politics.

Featuring Impasse by Tina Maurine

Two years ago, when Vette took the dual jobs as head of security and watching over President Ethan West’s son as a pseudo-nanny, she had no idea what she’d be in for. Now, playboy Davien West is turning nineteen and doing everything he can to keep Vette’s mind off her jobs… and on him.

Little does Davien know that the lead man on Vette’s security team is former special ops soldier Adrian Rogue… someone with whom she had a brief and unresolved romantic past years ago in Iraq.

The passion Vette feels for both of them, and her true, unrequited heart’s desire, leave her at an impasse.


Stylistic and diverse

Finely crafted character-driven dramas wrapped in political settings with the romance and occasional sexual situations as significant, though never dominating, sub-plots.
This made reading this anthology pleasurable as I embrace the art of story, and more specifically, the character-driven story. I’m also a fan of stylistic writing, and each author in this compilation displays exceptional talent.
I was struck while reading this, how unique each story was. The diversity made the adventure fun.

Thomas Eveleigh


Beautifully Written!

I loved this Anthology! It was so beautifully written and caught my attention write off the bat.

Becky Franco


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